Stricker’s Pond

Making Stricker’s Pond a Better Resource for Middleton and Madison Residents

2015 – 2016 Water Resources Management Practicum

Stricker’s Pond is a small, yet invaluable natural resource located on the border of Middleton and Madison in southern Wisconsin. The pond faces several challenges including degraded wildlife habitat, limited biodiversity, water quality and flood concerns, and an under-informed public. To assist in improving the current state of the pond and the watershed, the 2015-16 WRM cohort conducted a multidisciplinary, comprehensive assessment. We sought to assess the current status of vegetation, wildlife, water and recreational resources of the pond and surrounding area. We also engaged stakeholders in determining the history, purposes, benefits, and desired future visions of the pond. Ultimately, we crafted recommendations for how the cities of Middleton and Madison could bolster efforts to manage the pond and improve the watershed as a whole. Our assessment identified drivers and potential solutions for the issues that compromise the quality of Stricker’s Pond. The full report can be found here.