Collin Klaubauf

Credentials: M.S. Student, Biological Systems Engineering


BS- University of Wisconsin-Madison (Biological Systems Engineering), 2022

Research interests: Urban watershed hydrology, stormwater management, surface water quality, sustainable urban management practices, cold region soil dynamics.
Current project: My research relates to leachable phosphorus from urban leaf litter and its impact on downstream surface water quality. Stormwater extracts phosphorus from leaf litter and transports it through the storm sewer network, directly to lakes, rivers, and ponds. My goal is to quantify the leachable phosphorus from common urban tree species from different regions of the United States. The results from my study will be used to support the US Forest Service’s iTree model to provide accessible, accurate, and consistent information on stormwater credits for trees. This new tool will provide locally-specific estimates of tree species’ impacts on stormwater volume reduction and water quality changes to aid in species selection and stormwater credits.
Why this matters: Street leaf litter has been identified as a significant source of phosphorus in urban areas. It is important to provide accurate, consistent, and easily understood data to urban managers so that they may make informed environmental decisions on tree selection and removal. Thus, clarifying the impacts of trees in urban areas on phosphorus loads in runoff is imperative.