Rachel Johnson

Credentials: MS Student, BSE

Email: rejohnson9@wisc.edu

MS - UW-Madison (Water Resources Management), 2019
BA - Carleton College (Geology), 2014

Research interests: Watershed planning and management, hydrology, ecosystem ecology, water quality, urbanization, ecosystem services, effects of climate and land-use change

Thesis topic: I am studying how “legacy phosphorus” has accumulated in Wisconsin’s Green Lake watershed. This is phosphorus that has built up over decades in watershed soils and sediment. It can act as a regular source of phosphorous to water bodies, ultimately delaying efforts to improve water quality. Understanding how much legacy phosphorus is in the watershed and where it came from is important for targeting management actions and communicating reasonable timelines for lake restoration.

Why this matters: Working on an applied project is awesome! I like interacting with local stakeholders, and working together to answer questions that could tangibly help improve lake water quality.