Xi Chen

Credentials: MS Student, BSE

Email: xchen776@wisc.edu

MS - Carnegie Mellon University (Environmental Engineering, Sustainability and Science), 2017
BS - Harbin Institute of Technology (Water Science and Engineering), 2016

Research interests: hydrologic modeling, watershed management, climate change, water quality, best management practices (BMPs)

Thesis topic: Application of SWAT modeling to evaluate the effectiveness of best management practices (BMPs) on the water quality of the Green Lake watershed in Wisconsin

Why this matters: Climate change and water quality degradation are two major problems for today, and in the future. Using the hydrologic model SWAT (Soil and Water Assessment Tool), we can help to predict and build BMPs to prevent water quality degradation under a changing climate. I think this is meaningful research; to use a model to help protect the water quality of Green Lake.